What Factors Will Affect the Purity of Graphite Powder?

As we all know, graphite powder is used to make fireproof materials, but some technicians have too many impurities in the process of using graphite powder, so what are the factors that affect the purity of graphite powder? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

1. The purity of the nuclear graphite selected as raw material for graphite powder production

The purity of the nuclear graphite selected for production raw materials is directly related to the ash content of the selected raw materials under the same production conditions. Civilian graphite products have such a rule: if the ash content of raw materials is large, the ash content of graphite powder products is also large.

Therefore, the ash of petroleum coke used to produce nuclear graphite should be in the mouth. Below 15%, the boron content is required, but it will be analyzed, and the actual data is 0.5pp.

2. High temperature heat treatment and simultaneous halogenation treatment of graphite powder

The temperature during the graphitization process of high-temperature heat treatment and simultaneous halogenation treatment products, and whether the products are simultaneously halogenated treatment, have a decisive impact on the amount of ash removal. Generally speaking, various impurity components start to volatilize after 1500°C and basically end at 2500°C.

At the same time, when halogenation is carried out, the effect of removing impurities is more obvious. Taking a graphite powder product as an example, thermal purification can only reduce the ash content by about 7%, while halogen chemical purification can reduce the ash content by about 30 times.

3. Cleaning of graphite powder

Strictly and conscientiously operating the premise of cleaning and scrubbing in each production process, and paying close attention to the premise of cleaning and scrubbing are often exaggerated topics in nuclear graphite production management.

In the past, it was necessary to prevent external impurities from mixing into the raw materials and slurry for graphite particle production, which played a certain role in ensuring the purity of nuclear graphite. When the product is graphitized and cleaned, it is strictly forbidden to contaminate the product with water, oil, sweat, etc.

4. Equipment used in graphite powder production

After the raw materials enter the factory, they are pre-crushed and kneaded, and the ash content generally increases, indicating that the ash content of the raw materials after 9 times of burning is about 5% higher than that before 9 times of burning, and the ash content of raw materials after kneading is about 7% higher than that after 9 times of burning.

The reason for the increase in ash content is that in addition to the poor storage of raw materials and the mixing of impurities and dust, the main reason is that the graphite powder equipment used in production wears metal powder and refractory soil.

Therefore, it is worth studying and considering in the future that the equipment for producing nuclear graphite can achieve no or little increase in ash content of the product, for example, the metal powder in the crushed graphite powder raw material can be sucked out by an electromagnetic machine according to the installation situation.

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