Treatment of soft spots on the surface of graphite rod

Graphite rod is an important non-metallic product for electrode processing, which is formed by extrusion of graphite, carbon and appropriate adhesive. Why is the surface of the graphite stick soft? The following small series for you to analyze the reasons, and give solutions.

1、 Quenching heating

 Cause: after graphite rod die is quenched and heated, the cooling quenching medium is not selected properly, because the quenching medium is aging or has many impurities.

Solution: for cooling after quenching heating, please select the appropriate cooling medium, which needs to be used frequently and needs to be replaced or filtered regularly.

2、 Before heat treatment

Cause: local decarburization before heat treatment, or rust spots and oxide scales on the surface.

Solution: when quenching and heating, please pay attention to protect the surface of graphite rod mold, and try to use salt bath furnace, vacuum furnace and protective atmosphere furnace for heating; Rust and scale should be removed before heat treatment.

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