Isostatic Pressing Graphite Plate

Isostatic Pressing Graphite Plate

Isostatic pressing graphite plate is pressed by a high-purity stone mill. It is closely connected with today's high technology. Isomolded graphite plate is not only the material for manufacturing single crystal furnace, metal continuous casting graphite crystallizer, and graphite electrode for EDM but also the important material for manufacturing deceleration material and reflection material for rocket nozzle and graphite reactor.

Application of Isostatic Pressing Graphite Plate


Such isomolded graphite plates are widely used in cemented carbide, aerospace, graphite reactor, and other fields.


Isostatic Pressing Graphite Plate is a new product developed in the world in recent 50 years. It not only has great achievements in civil use but also occupies an important position in the cutting-edge of national defense. It is a new material and attracts people's attention.


Isomolded graphite plate is mainly used in large copper production lines. Since 1985, China has introduced more than 30 production lines from Austria, France, Switzerland, Japan, and other countries, while more than 100 production lines have been designed and manufactured in China, all of which use graphite crystallizers.

Characteristics of Isostatic Pressing Graphite Plate

  • The isomolded graphite plate is named after its production process. The isostatic pressing forming method is applied. Due to the uniform pressure of liquid pressure in the forming process, the isostatic pressing graphite also has isotropic characteristics.

  • The second characteristic of isomolded graphite plate is that it has large specification and fine structure. In the isostatic pressing mode, the transmission effect of pressure along the pressing direction is the same, so it can overcome the disadvantage of uneven product volume density caused by molding, greatly reducing the probability of product cracking, and promoting the production of large-size and fine structure products.

  • Isomolded graphite plate has the characteristics of homogeneity at the same time. That is, the internal structure is relatively uniform, and the bulk density, resistivity, and strength properties of each part are not different. It belongs to homogeneous carbon graphite material.

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