High Purity Graphite Plate

High Purity Graphite Plate

High purity graphite plate is made of high-quality high-purity graphite. The carbon content of graphite is more than 99.99%. Petroleum coke is used as raw material, advanced production technology and equipment are used to produce it. High purity graphite plate is widely used in refractory and coating in metallurgical industry, stabilizer of military industry pyrotechnics, pencil core of light industry, carbon brush of electrical industry, electrode of battery industry, catalyst additive of chemical fertilizer industry, etc.

Application of High Purity Graphite Plate

Application of High Purity Graphite Plate

In industry, high purity graphite plate can be used to make a high-temperature crucible for smelting, protective agent for steel ingot, lubricant for mechanical industry, electrode and pencil lead, advanced refractory and coating for metallurgical industry, pyrotechnic stabilizer for military industry, carbon brush for the electrical industry, and catalyst for the chemical fertilizer industry. In addition, it is widely used in solar cells, sensors, high-performance nanoelectronic devices, and other fields.

  • Make refractory in metallurgical industry;

  • Make anticorrosive materials in the petroleum industry;

  • Making conductive materials in the electronic industry.

Advantages of High Purity Graphite Plate


The fuel cell composed of high purity graphite plate has more advantages than lithium battery in terms of long life, charging time, and service life;


As an independent power generation system, graphite plate fuel cell generates electrochemical reaction through oxygen and hydrogen, so the discharged water will not cause environmental pollution;

How To Prolong The Service Life Of High Purity Graphite Plate

  • The high-purity graphite plate is of good quality, so it should be handled with care when used. If it falls from a high altitude many times, the graphite plate will crack and affect the use effect;

  • The surface temperature of high purity graphite plate will increase with the increase of current, so the current with low power should be used as far as possible;

  • Parallel resistance should be used as much as possible. The high purity graphite plate with high series resistance has concentrated load, which easily leads to short growth life of single graphite plate resistance;

  • Increasing resistance slowly can prolong the service life of high purity graphite plate;

  • When the high purity graphite plate is heated, the outside contact with air will form a silicon oxide film and evolve into an anti-oxidation protective film, which is helpful for prolonging the use.

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