High Purity Graphite Block

High Purity Graphite Block

High purity graphite blocks have absolute advantages in processing and manufacturing electric heating elements, structural casting molds, crucible boats for smelting high-purity metals, heaters for single crystal furnaces, EDM graphite, sintering molds, electron tube anodes, metal plating, graphite crucibles for semiconductor technology, emission electron tubes, thyristors, and graphite anodes and grids for mercury arc rectifiers. In particular, high pure graphite block with large specifications and high quality, as an alternative material, has a wide application space in the field of high technology and new technology and has a wider application prospect.

Characteristics of High Purity Graphite Block

High purity graphite block refers to block high purity graphite. High purity graphite has two forms: powder and block. Powdered high-purity graphite is called high-purity graphite powder, and massive high-purity graphite is called high purity graphite block.

High purity graphite block has excellent properties, such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. This makes high purity graphite block widely used in smelting, chemical industry, EDM, semiconductor, electronic and electrical appliances, and other industries. There is rarely one that can withstand high temperatures like high pure graphite block. The melting point of graphite is 3850 degrees and the boiling point is 4200 degrees. This high-temperature resistance of graphite is unparalleled.

Another feature is corrosion resistance. High purity graphite block is extremely resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Therefore, there are many places where high pure graphite block is used in the chemical industry. There are many graphite chemical equipments, such as graphite heat exchanger, graphite condenser, graphite cooling tower, and so on. It can be said that high purity graphite blocks have made indelible contributions to the development of the chemical industry.

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Application of High Purity Graphite Block

High purity graphite block is mainly used for refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry, stabilizer of initiating explosive materials in military industry, pencil lead in light industry, carbon brush in the electrical industry, electrode in the battery industry, catalyst additive in the chemical fertilizer industry, etc. After deep processing, high-purity graphite can produce high-tech products such as graphite milk, graphite sealing materials and composites, graphite products, graphite antifriction additives, and so on. It has become an important non-metallic mineral raw material in various industrial departments. According to different production processes, it can be divided into one dip and one bake graphite, two dips and three bake graphite, three dips and four bake graphite, four dips and five bake graphite, etc. the density of two dips and three bake graphite is more than 1.7, and the density of three dips and four bake graphite is more than 1.8.

  • casting, sanding, die casting, and high-temperature metallurgical materials

  • the mold of glassware

  • making ceramic boats for die pressing and sintering

  • graphite insulation board and base for vacuum smelting, high-temperature resistance furnace tube, rod, plate, grid, and other components

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