Graphite Products For High Temperature Sintering

Graphite Products For High Temperature Sintering

Graphite is widely used, including heat preservation brick, Tongpan, continuous forging powder, casting core, mold, cleaning agent and corrosion resistant materials. Because carbon graphite products have many high-quality properties, they are widely used in metallurgical industry, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, chemical plant, textiles, national defense and other industries.

Two special-shaped characteristics of graphite mold

1. Strength and toughness

Graphite molds are generally used in harsh environments, and some need to bear a relatively large impact load, resulting in brittle fracture. It is the high purity graphite products that have relatively high toughness and strength, which is conducive to preventing the sudden brittle fracture of mold parts during work. The toughness is mainly related to the microstructure, grain size, and carbon content of the material.

2. Wear resistance

The reason why they die generally fails due to wear is that when the blank is plastically denatured in the die cavity, it flows and slides along the cavity surface, resulting in severe friction between the cavity surface and the blank.

  • One of the basic and important properties of graphite mold is the wear resistance of the material.

  • The main factor affecting wear resistance: hardness. The higher the hardness of graphite parts, the smaller the wear, and the better the wear resistance.

  • Wear resistance is related to the quantity, size, shape, type, and distribution of carbides in materials.

These levels should be ensured during the maintenance of carbon graphite products

1. prevent side and bottom weight of carbon graphite products of direct injection engine with strong corrosion ignition;

2. during the whole process of application, turn the carbon graphite products once a week to increase the service life of graphite products;

3. the use of appropriate combustion supporting and preservatives will reduce the service life of graphite products;

4. the middle of graphite products and furnace wall shall be kept at a proper distance, and graphite products shall be placed in the middle of the furnace;

5. when the slag and coke in the carbon graphite products table are removed, the graphite products shall be protected from damage by taking a light pat;

6. handle carefully and handle it under the condition of transportation, and it is forbidden to fall into shock;

7. graphite products shall be firmly prevented from humidity, and put on dry and impetuous places or wooden shelves under storage and release conditions;

8. the specification and model number of carbon graphite products is the volume of copper;

9. before application, it must be heated by drying equipment or furnace, and the temperature shall be slowly raised to 500 ℃.

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