Graphite Particle

Graphite Particle

Graphite particles mainly come from the debris generated during the machining of graphite electrodes and the waste products generated by the graphite chemical process, so as to have some waste stone ink blocks. Because graphite chips have the characteristics of conductivity, heat conduction, high-temperature resistance, low ash, high carbon content, and good chemical stability. Graphite particles are widely used as carburizing agents in steel-making furnaces, reducing agents in the chemical industry, and as one of the important raw materials for the production of carbon blocks for aluminum.

Application of Graphite Particle


In other aspects, different sizes of graphite particles can be used as mold coatings, pencils, batteries, electrodes, anti-radiation materials, etc.


Refractory: in the metallurgical industry, graphite particles are used to make crucibles to smelt non-ferrous, special steel, and other precious metals. In addition, graphite particles are also used as a heat preservation agents for steel-making and pouring ingots, protective slag, and ladle covering agents.


Conductive materials: in the electrical industry, graphite particles can be used as electrodes, brushes, electric rods, carbon tubes, picture tubes, and vacuum tube coatings.


Wear-resistant materials and lubricants: graphite particles can be used as wear-resistant and lubricating materials in the machinery industry. If graphite can slide at the speed of 100M / s within the temperature range of - 200-2000 ℃, lubricating oil may not be used. Graphite lubricants include powder, colloidal graphite, graphite grease, graphite gland packing rings, etc.

Characteristics of Graphite Particle

The chemical composition of graphite particles is a carbon (c), which is soft and greasy. It has the characteristics of small specific gravity, high-temperature resistance, self-lubrication, high conductivity and heat conduction, strong wear resistance, strong stability, thermal shock resistance, and good plasticity. Therefore, graphite particle is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, national defense, and other fields.

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