Graphite Baffle Plate

Graphite Baffle Plate

Graphite baffle plate is generally made of medium and coarse-grained graphite, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali, and oxidation. It is suitable for graphite degasser to avoid entering air when graphite rotor stirs aluminum solution to produce vortex.

Characteristics of Graphite Baffle Plate


It is generally used together with graphite rotor, and can be processed in conventional size and model.


Special and unconventional sizes can be customized. As long as the drawings are provided, we can process them in strict accordance with the drawings.


The baffle processed by our factory is generally made of high purity graphite material. The price of graphite baffle plate can meet the customer's expectations.


Adopting the oxidation resistance technology independently developed by Zhongtai, a graphite plate supplier, to improve the service life of the baffle.

Working Principle of Graphite Baffle Plate

The bottom of the vortex well is a conical structure, the upper part of the vortex well is connected with the aluminum liquid inlet on the aluminum melting furnace, and a feeding pipe is arranged above the vortex well. The graphite baffle is used to separate the slag cleaning and feeding processes. While slag cleaning, refining, and feeding can continue in the aluminum melting furnace, so as to save fuel, reduce burning loss, ensure that the temperature in the aluminum melting furnace will not decrease, and ensure the quality of castings.

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