Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

Antioxidant graphite rotor belongs to a component of aluminum alloy smelting supporting equipment. Hydrogen and oxygen waste slag will be produced during aluminum alloy smelting, which shall be purified and removed by refining degasser. Antioxidant graphite rotor is one of the indispensable parts of refining degassing slag extractor, which is composed of rotor and blade (scraper).

Advantages of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor


It is made of high-quality graphite material;


After oxidation treatment, the service life of graphite can reach 5-10 times that of ordinary products;

Working Principle and Working Conditions of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

  • The rotating graphite rotor will break the nitrogen (or argon) into a large number of dispersed bubbles and disperse them in the molten metal. Bubbles in the melt depend on the gas partial pressure difference and the principle of surface adsorption to absorb the hydrogen in the melt, adsorb the oxidized slag inclusion, and are brought out of the melt surface with the rising of bubbles so that the melt can be purified.

  • The impeller end and a part of the shaft of the graphite rotor are immersed in 690 ℃ - 780 ℃ liquid aluminum for rotation at a speed of 500 rpm, working for 1-2 hours at a time and 4-6 times a day. According to the working condition of the equipment, the graphite rotor can also work continuously.

Characteristics of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

The graphite rotor rotating nozzle is made of high purity graphite. Its surface is treated with special oxidation resistance, and its service life is about 3 times that of ordinary products. Anti-oxidation graphite rotor is widely used in the aluminum alloy casting industry. In aluminum processing industries such as aluminum plate, aluminum foil casting, and aluminum alloy wheel hub, the service life is up to 2 months.

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