Process Flow

With the progress of technology, the process of carbon graphite products processing is constantly improved and developed, which not only improves the work efficiency and yield but also improves the types and properties of graphite products.

In fact, the production of carbon and graphite products processing process is very similar, but due to different raw materials are also different, but the basic process is the same. The processing of graphite products includes the pretreatment of raw materials such as pre-crushing, calcination, or drying, as well as the crushing, screening, and grading of graphite raw materials.

After the completion of the preliminary work, we can start the batching of granular and powdery raw materials, and add the binder to mix them to form a paste. For the formed semi-finished products, we can start the roasting stage in the processing of carbon graphite products. In order to improve the density and strength of graphite products, we should also carry out the impregnation operation, And a series of machining and other processes for the products.

In the whole process of carbon graphite products processing, most of the processes use physical methods, only a small part of them use thermochemical methods.

Process Flow