Preventive Measures for Graphite Electrodes and Suggestions for Equipment Operation and Management

Ⅰ. Preventive management measures in the operation of graphite electrode smelting

1. Reasonable distribution structure

The distribution of various waste materials in the furnace, as well as the conditions for adding waste materials in the furnace, should be reasonably arranged to avoid the formation of thin steel materials that are difficult to drop on the furnace top and to keep large-scale waste materials from damaging the graphite electrodes.

The distribution of unmelted graphite electrodes should be carefully observed during the smelting process of graphite electrodes, especially when it is close to melting.

Assume the bridge structure has been completed in the event of a power outage. In that case, the graphite electrode's burden should be allowed to drop, and the carbon graphite electrode should be raised by blowing oxygen or rendered incapable of swinging or shaking to avoid collapse and damage to the graphite electrode.

2. The strength of carbon graphite electrode can be used for process requirements

With special clamping equipment, use nuts to connect the carbon graphite electrode with proper strength and cleanliness. The support hoop must be tightened before replacing the graphite electrode lifting ring to ensure close contact with the graphite electrode.

To ensure a clean interface, keep the electrode cap of the new graphite electrode in place until the end ring is installed.

The graphite electrode holder should keep students from becoming entangled in the white line that serves as the connection between the electrodes. The graphite electrode material connection should never be higher than the working electrode holder.

If the cap is open, the graphite electrode holder cannot be clamped or left on the cap with the lifting ring.

Ⅱ. Process control preventive measures for graphite electrodes  

1. After high-voltage power transmission, check to see if the balance between the three phases of the secondary short-circuit no-load voltage control is correct (determined by the resistance of the three-phase short network to the ground insulation material, the voltage should be within 10 percent due to imbalance).

2. Before automatically lowering the graphite electrode, ensure no non-conductive objects in the waste layer directly beneath the carbon graphite electrode.

3. Determine whether the secondary voltage of the first phase graphite electrode drops immediately after it falls into the waste.

4. In the occurrence of an arc electrode of one phase, see if the current display is related to the secondary side electrode (large swing meter pointer). 

5. Periodically check whether the braking force and system delay coefficient of the graphite electrode hydraulic drive development mechanism can change significantly.

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