How can graphite mould enterprises shorten the inventory period and reduce the opportunity cost?

Throughout today's graphite mold industry, customer chargebacks due to the extension of delivery dates emerge one after another, which undoubtedly increases the loss of enterprises, and dealers are also sandwiched between manufacturers and customers, which is very helpless and difficult and even leads to many contradictions.

It can be seen that the problem of delivery time is an important factor affecting the development of enterprises. According to people in the industry, there are two main reasons for slowing down the delivery time, production time delay and logistics level constraints. Meanwhile, logistics is no longer a big problem due to the increasingly convenient transportation in recent years. The real reason affecting the delivery time is that the product production time is too long. Then, how to shorten the delivery time of the top ten domestic graphite mold brands.

1. Establish reasonable performance management

In addition, graphite mold should also be unique in enterprise management. Through scientific and reasonable performance management, the power of the enterprise can be improved, and employees are encouraged to put forward suggestions or opinions so that the enterprise can be better improved. An operator of the top ten brands of graphite mold said: "our employees put forward good opinions, and the enterprise will choose them. If we can make some useful small inventions, the enterprise will also help us apply for a patent and give us a bonus, so we often gather together after work to comment on how to complete the rated operation faster and better".

2. Formulate scientific production process

According to experts, the production process of graphite mold includes accepting orders, scheme process, workshop production, debugging packaging, distribution, and delivery. Therefore, in the scheme process of graphite mold, the production batch, selection of production workshop, acquisition of raw materials, customized data entry, installation and commissioning of graphite mold before leaving the factory, recognition, and packaging, logistics allocation, etc. each item has clear provisions on the starting time and completion time, as well as the detailed rules of the specific implementation scheme. This makes the connection between each link faster, and there is no need to inform the operation unnecessarily in the connection.

3. Upgrade skills and improve production power

It is understood that some of the top ten domestic graphite mold brands choose advanced brands. When entering the market, they bring imported graphite mold production equipment, digital graphite mold R & D, and design engineers and their foreign experienced skills. Together with a graphite mold, we also actively update the latest CNC production equipment. Advanced production equipment speeds up the production speed. Experienced engineers and sophisticated skills greatly reduce the probability of errors in the production process of graphite molds.

In recent years, consumers have had higher and higher requirements for power, which is a great challenge for custom graphite molds. But for a long time, challenges and opportunities coexist in the graphite mold industry. Reducing the delivery time will also become the key to the progress and competition of the top ten graphite mold brands.

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