How to distinguish the quality of graphite plate

Graphite plate is no stranger to some manufacturers, but in fact, many manufacturers have used it for more than ten years, and they do not know how to distinguish the quality of graphite plate. Some manufacturers say it is granules, some say it is formula. In fact, this is only a generalization of the product, which is very general. When it comes to how to distinguish the quality of graphite plate, there is only one key point, that is density. The importance of density in the application of graphite plate is described from several aspects.

1. In the electroplating and electrolysis industry, many manufacturers only pay attention to the conductivity and price of graphite plate, but sometimes ignore the important density, because if the density is small, pores are easy to appear on the surface, and the phenomenon of penetration is easy to appear in the electrolyte, which leads to the oxidation and shedding of graphite plate and greatly shortens the service life. If the density is high, the use cost will rise, so it is very important to choose a suitable graphite plate manufacturer.

2. In the antifriction industry, graphite plate is mainly used in the form of backing plate to play a lubricating role. Here, the density of graphite plate is greatly revealed. The physical structure of graphite plate with low density is not tight, and it is easy to fall off in use. The surface consumption is too fast. The service life of 1.56 graphite plate and 1.7 graphite plate can be separated by 3 months. You can calculate the price.

In short, the quality of graphite plate depends on the density, only the graphite plate with appropriate density is a good graphite plate.

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