Casting Method and Advantages of Graphite Crucible

Ⅰ. How to pour high-purity graphite crucible

There are many materials used to produce crucibles, but the high-purity graphite crucible with a carbon content of more than 99% has a stable effect.

It uses high-strength organic glue as a binding agent, and introduces high-tech additives at the same time, which has the characteristics of stable performance and good thermal conductivity. How to pour high-purity graphite crucible?

1. Predetermined temperature

When the metal solution can reach the predetermined casting temperature, it needs to be poured as soon as possible after degassing and slag removal.

2. Stop heating

When we are pouring, we need to stop heating. In order to avoid inhalation and metal burning, the high-purity graphite crucible wall will be corroded unevenly, so that the crucible is not durable.

3. Recovery

When we use the rotary graphite crucible furnace, if you finish the pouring operation once, please put it back to its original position.

4. The time should not be too long

In order to prolong the service life of the high-purity graphite crucible and not reduce the quality of the smelted metal, please do not leave the graphite crucible in the metal solution for too long.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of using graphite crucibles?

Graphite crucible is an advanced refractory material made of natural flake graphite, wax stone, silicon carbide and other raw materials. It can ensure the green environmental protection effect of the product, so it has been pursued by the public. What are the advantages of using graphite crucibles?

1. High temperature resistance and thermal conductivity

Semiconductor grade graphite crucibles work well in high temperature systems. For some products with strong strain resistance, it also has this chemical stability and can also be used.

So that its thermal conductivity is satisfactory, its market demand is gradually increasing. Graphite crucibles have strong corrosion resistance against acid and alkaline solutions, and also have excellent chemical stability.

2. Wide range of application

In modern times, with the continuous progress of steelmaking technology, the requirements for graphite crucibles are getting higher and higher. Graphite crucibles can be well used in the following industries: chemical industry, machinery, casting and metallurgy, used for smelting and casting copper, aluminum, zinc , lead, gold, silver and various rare metals, and it is also very convenient to use.

3. How to control the heating rate of graphite crucible?

In the whole process of high temperature application, the linear expansion coefficient of graphite crucible is relatively small, and it has certain strain resistance characteristics against chilling and rapid heating.

In this critical temperature range of graphitization, the physical structure and chemical composition of the carbon blanks have undergone great changes, and the graphite crucible is easily broken.

In order to avoid damage to the crucible, when heating up, in order to slow down the effect of thermal stress, prevent the thermal stress from being too concentrated, and avoid cracks in the carbon blank, and at the same time, in order to maintain a certain temperature maintenance time, it is necessary to strictly control the heating rate.

1. Slow heating

In order to avoid sudden heating and damage to the graphite crucible, it is recommended that you slow down the speed as much as possible when heating.

2. Below 400℃

We need to constantly turn the crucible to heat it evenly, remove the moisture in the crucible, and gradually increase the preheating temperature to 400°C. At temperatures below 400 °C, we all need to slow down the heating rate of the graphite crucible, and gradually increase the temperature.

3. Over 600℃

When our temperature is heated above 600°C, the heating rate can be accelerated, so that the graphite crucible can quickly exceed the manufacturing temperature.

For the problem of controlling the heating rate of the graphite crucible, this may be different. For the specific situation, please contact the graphite crucible manufacturer to provide you with a better solution.

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